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Dental Cleaning

Dental Cleaning

Professional, efficient, complete dental cleanings are what we do best! When you come to our clinic, your cleaning will include:

Oral Evaluation: How is your current oral hygiene affecting your mouth? Do you have any cosmetic issues that concern you? Prior to your cleaning, a thorough evaluation of your gums and oral tissues will be done, along with an assessment of your medical and dental history. Your hygienist will also record any existing restorations or enamel defects.  

Scaling: The process of scaling removes the hard deposits that have accumulated on your teeth. Two techniques can be used, and we practice both (ultrasonic machine and manual curettes).

Polishing: At OraSmile, we are proud to use an advanced technology called Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) to polish your teeth. By using a disclosing agent, we are able to see exactly where the plaque/biofilm is hiding before we start the cleaning. Then, we use AirFlow technology to remove it all, along with stubborn stains leaving your teeth smooth and shiny. GBT contributes to the improvement of gum disease, tooth decay and other health issues. It is safe for all ages.

Your mouth will thank you.

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